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Great Lakes Theater - Mamma Mia

We called in the dancing queens

Holiday Greeting

A spirited holiday greeting from R43 Limited

Halloween Greeting

Robot love.

Great Lakes Theater - Misery

No producers where hobbled in the making of this spot.

Lowe's Modern Fire Pit

Designed, built, shot, edited and finished.

Grove Hill: A True Story - Trailer

The trailer for the R43 Limited created, award-winning documentary, 'Grove Hill: A True Story'.

La-Z-Boy - iclean Pre Roll

La-Z-Boy asked R43 to create a handful of pre-roll spots advertising iClean; their innovative stain-free fabric.

Great Lakes - The Fantasticks

Our friends at Great Lakes Theater needed a hand promoting their version of the long-running, romantic musical, 'The Fantastics'. We came up with a con