Our Work Array

Graphics Sizzle Reel

A little taste of what we have been up to in motion graphics.

Demo Reel

Interwoven - Flying Blind

The roadmap to romance starts with a solid edit.

Production Sizzle Reel

A compilation of live action production work we've done.

Great Lakes Theater - Mamma Mia

We called in the dancing queens

Lowe’s - How To Build a She Shed

One of a five-part 'She-Shed' video series for Lowe's. We transitioned a basic utility shed into a mulit-purpose get-away…all while shooting.

Case Western Reserve University - Homecoming Weekend

All roads lead to homecoming... A unique, hand crafted piece of work.

McDonald's Telestrator

The secret to Edwin Encarnacion's power...

Holiday Greeting

A spirited holiday greeting from R43 Limited

Halloween Greeting

Robot love.

Drive Classic

The perfect locations on a late-summer day helped make the beautiful footage for this :30 TV spot. The dogs were (or-our crew was) pretty awesome too.

Mark Czajkowski Reel

Meet Mark, he's our newest editor, AVID expert and all around good guy.

Forever Plaid

Looking good in plaid.

McDonald's 3-4-5

I'll have a cheeseburger and a side of animation.

Chagrin Falls School Levy

Being based in Chagrin Falls, we loved shooting and editing this piece for a very worthy cause. The levy passed and a new school is being built!

Kay Emmy London

One designer's passion becomes a Kay Jeweler's story.

Great Lakes Theater - Misery

No producers where hobbled in the making of this spot.

Jared Pandora Holiday Promo

Another charming spot.

2017 Flashes of Hope

Our 2017 contribution to a truly amazing organization and cause.

Great Lakes Theater Wait Until Dark

A classic thriller.

Lowe's Modern Fire Pit

Designed, built, shot, edited and finished.

Lowe’s - How To Cut Down a Tree

TIMBER! Lowe’s allows us to become lumberjacks while instructing DIYers on the proper techniques for safe tree removal.


A 3D garden, nurtured by designer Alex Tang.

McDonald’s Cav's Box

We love any project that combines the CAVS and Playoffs in the same script.

Grove Hill: A True Story - Trailer

The trailer for the R43 Limited created, award-winning documentary, 'Grove Hill: A True Story'.

La-Z-Boy Anthem

Great storytelling requires a great edit.

La-Z-Boy - iclean Pre Roll

La-Z-Boy asked R43 to create a handful of pre-roll spots advertising iClean; their innovative stain-free fabric.

Great Lakes Theater - And Then There Were None

What happens when no footage exists? We like making our own!

McDonald’s Procaffinate

Need. More. Coffee.

Lowe's In Ground Fire Pit

We like to play with fire.

Great Lakes - The Fantasticks

Our friends at Great Lakes Theater needed a hand promoting their version of the long-running, romantic musical, 'The Fantastics'. We came up with a con

Jared Pandora

Custom finish work for a spot about custom jewelry.

Lowe's Area Rugs

Script to screen, R43 helps Lowe’s inspire viewers on www.youtube.com/lowes

Flashes of Hope - Big Shots and Little Stars Event piece

We are extremely honored to contribute our production and post resources to this wonderful project.

Yankee Candle

We put a little extra holiday color and glow on this piece in post-production.

Cleveland Museum of Art

We happily crafted this piece for one of Cleveland’s most incredible institutions.

Lowe's Build a Deck-Finishing Touches

Lights, Camera, Hammer!

Akron Zoo - Wild Things Happen

Some monkey business that involved pre-production, a shoot and post production.

McDonald’s Wrapper Cheese

Everyone has done this at some point...admit it.

Jared Custom Design

We were happy to add some extra elegance in post to this beautifully shot work.

Documentary Opening Title

We love movies and were excited to do some simple, elegant graphic work for Director, Laura Paglin.

Kay Hall of Fame Billboard

This spot recently entered our Visual Effects Hall of Fame.

Horseshoe Casino

R43 hits the jackpot with the finish work that shows off the vibrancy of Cleveland.

Kay Valentines Day Promo

We added a little extra graphics love.

Nissan Go Long

Some visual effects and digital sleight of hand.

Classic Auto - Where in the World

Visual Effects make a world of difference.

Classic Ford

Classic Ford put us in the driver's seat.