Our Work Array

Graphics Sizzle Reel

A little taste of what we have been up to in motion graphics.

Demo Reel

Production Sizzle Reel

Some of our live-action production work.

Great Lakes Theater - Mamma Mia

We called in the dancing queens.

Peoples - Dude Perfect

Flashes of Hope - 'Big Shots and Little Stars' 2018

We love producing this annual piece for a wonderful organization, Flashes of Hope.

Lowe's - How To Build a She Shed

An ordinary shed gets a makeover in this series we produced for Lowe's Home Improvement.

Kay Jewelers - Hall of Fame Billboard

This spot recently entered our Visual Effects Hall of Fame.

Case Western Reserve University - Homecoming Weekend

All roads lead to homecoming... A unique, hand crafted piece of work.

Mark Czajkowski Reel

Meet Mark, he's our newest editor, AVID expert and all around good guy.

Holiday Greeting

A spirited holiday greeting from R43 Limited.

Halloween Greeting

Robot love.

Cleveland Museum of Art

We happily crafted this piece for one of Cleveland’s most incredible institutions.

Classic Auto - Where in the World

Visual Effects make a world of difference.

Great Lakes Theater - Forever Plaid

Looking good in plaid.


McDonald's - 3-4-5

I'll have a cheeseburger and a side of animation.

Nissan - Go Long

Some visual effects and digital sleight of hand.

Chagrin Falls School Levy

Being based in Chagrin Falls, we loved shooting and editing this piece for a worthy cause. The levy passed and the kids will get a new school!

McDonald’s - Procaffinate

Need. More. Coffee.

Great Lakes Theater - Misery

No producers where hobbled in the making of this spot.

McDonald’s - Wrapper Cheese

Everyone has done this at some point... admit it.

Jared - Pandora Holiday Promo

Another charming spot.

Drive Classic

The perfect locations on a late-summer day helped make the beautiful footage for this :30 TV spot. The dogs (and our crew) were pretty awesome too.

Kay Jewelers- Valentine's Day Promo

We added a little extra graphics love.

Lowe's How to Build a Modern Fire Pit

Designed, built, shot, edited and finished.

Great Lakes Theater - And Then There Were None

What happens when no footage exists? We like making our own!


A 3D garden, nurtured by designer Alex Tang.

McDonald’s - Cav's Box

We love any project that combines the CAVS and Playoffs in the same script.

Grove Hill: A True Story - Trailer

The trailer for the R43 Limited award-winning documentary, 'Grove Hill: A True Story.'

Kay Jewelers - Emmy London

One designer's passion becomes a Kay Jeweler's story.

Great Lakes Theater - Wait Until Dark

A classic thriller.

Lowe's - How To Cut Down a Tree

TIMBER! Lowe’s allows us to become lumberjacks while instructing DIYers on the proper techniques for safe tree removal.

Unseen - Opening Title

We love movies and were excited to do some simple, elegant graphic work for Director, Laura Paglin.

La-Z-Boy - iClean Pre-Roll

La-Z-Boy asked R43 to create a handful of pre-roll spots advertising iClean, their innovative stain-resistant fabric.

McDonald's - Telestrator

The secret to Edwin Encarnacion's power...

Great Lakes - The Fantasticks

A :15 spot we produced for Great Lakes Theater.

Jared - Pandora

Custom finish work for a spot about custom jewelry.

Lowe's - How to Build an In-Ground Fire Pit

We like to play with fire.

Kay Jewelers - Unconditional Love

Yankee Candle

We put a little extra holiday color and glow on this piece in post-production.

Lowe's - How to Choose Area Rugs

Script to screen, R43 helps Lowe’s Home Improvement inspire viewers.

Interwoven - Flying Blind

The roadmap to romance starts with a solid edit.

Lowe's - How to Build a Deck: Finishing Touches

Another production we created from the ground up for Lowe's Home Improvement.

Jared - Only Her

Akron Zoo - Wild Things Happen

Some monkey business that involved pre-production, a shoot and post production.

Jared - Custom Design

We were happy to add some extra elegance in post to this beautifully shot work.

2017 Flashes of Hope

Our 2017 contribution to a truly amazing organization and cause.

Flashes of Hope - Big Shots and Little Stars

We are extremely honored to contribute our production and post resources to this wonderful project.

La-Z-Boy - Anthem Video

Horseshoe Casino

R43 hits the jackpot with the finish work that shows off the vibrancy of Cleveland.

Classic Ford

Classic Ford put us in the driver's seat.